Carlos Padilla

Prepare Your Home To Sell

An attractive and sparkling home can make a huge difference on the market time and the sales price to obtain. The following checklist covers those items that influence a buyer’s decision to buy a home and what they are willing to pay for it:

First Impression – Interior

  • Perk up the interior by touching up the paint or repainting where necessary.
  • Clean up clutter in closets and anything on the floor.
  • Clean things off the counter and make them look spacious. Keep the sink, appliances and floors sparkling. Keep the cupboards and pantry organized.
  • Make all bathrooms sparkle—including counters, sinks, tub and showers.
  • Fix all leaky faucets and any cracked grout where necessary.
  • Wash all windows and keep all window coverings clean.
  • Organize all closets to make them look roomier.
  • Use a welcome mat to make sure the buyers keep your floors clean.
  • Eliminate any odors that may be offensive to the prospective buyers.
  • Add special accents that will make your home more cheerful and inviting.
  • Fresh baked cookies always help, along with occasional fresh flowers.
  • Remember to keep pets out of the home while it is being shown.

First Impression—Exterior

  • Keep the yard well-manicured and the flower beds free of weeds. Plant a few flowers for a colorful accent. Prune or trim any shrubs or trees that may need to be done.
  • Keep the entryway free of any cluttering items.
  • Brighten the exterior by repainting areas where necessary and cleaning where needed.
  • Remove any bad stains on the driveway or sidewalks.
  • Pick up any pet droppings wherever possible .
  • Tidy up the garage and consider renting a storage space if necessary.
  • Don’t have too many cars in the driveway or against the curb.
  • Keep the patio area free of clutter and keep the slab clean.

Extra Efforts

  • If possible, take your pets for a stroll while the home is being shown.
  • Turn off the television and any loud stereo noise while the buyers are there.
  • Try to remove any items that you intend to reserve.
  • Make sure the lights are on and the windows coverings are open.
  • If possible, avoid having too many people around the home while a buyer is there.
  • Allow the Realtor to show and sell the home for you.

All this may seem overwhelming, but if only a portion of these items are done, your home should sell faster and may help in obtaining a higher price.